19/11/17 - St Anne's Pier

A rare day off with the family, so with a certain image in mind I talked the girls into a trip to the West Coast. The deal was that they could spend a few hours exploring Blackpool before we headed South to St Anne's for me to grab an image of the old pier at sunset. I had researched the tide times and sunset times which remarkably were only minutes apart, hopefully that would mean some surface water reflecting the colour of the setting sun. As the day went on banks of clouds rolled in and looked like spoiling things but I persevered and made my way down to the beach. After various groups had spoilt the sand with their footprints I had a clear shot of the old pier just as the colour appeared in the sky. I took dozens of images trying to get the best light, annoyingly a runner on the beach stopped to tell me that the light the previous day had been spectacular, cheers mate. Once the light had faded I returned back to the girls eating a giant chocolate eclair at the cafe on the pier. A great location and I'll definitely be back here to get some better images.

Here's a link to a great video by a brilliant landscape photographer, to give you an idea of what I was after https://youtu.be/iixndCfkzMY