17/11/17 - Langsett Reservoir

Another early start and a steady half hour drive over to Langsett Barn car park for a sunrise shot with some water and reflections. The weather looked promising and as I walked along the footpath in the dark I caught sight of the stars reflecting on the water. However the camera was still buried in the rucksack so I resisted the urge to get it out as I had limited time to get to my spot and try and find some decent composition. (Note to self - Potential here for some night photography). The spot I had chosen was down next to the waters edge, and I had to negotiate a cut down woodland area with slippery frozen branches everywhere, a 5 foot high wall with a big drop and banking on the other side, but eventually I got to the waters edge where the going was much easier. I found a decent spot with some rocks in the foreground but then as the light came I kept changing my mind on the location and composition. The sky was nice but nothing spectacular then without warning a bank of cloud came over which was lit up a nice fiery red. I managed to get a couple of decent shots then went for a walk where I took another couple of keepers. In all a great location with lots of potential, I will definitely be back here.