28/12/17 - Star Trails

I had actually gone to bed and was watching a You Tube clip on how to photograph star trails. The author was explaining the perfect conditions which was exactly what was happening outside, so I got up, got dressed, walked past a bewildered wife in the living room and drove over to the car park at Winscar Reservoir. I had selected this location as it was the nearest location to my house with the least amount of light pollution. I also learnt that the moon set time is an hour out from TPE times, and I hadn't catered for the GMT one hour difference. Despite this I found my composition and set the timer for 230 shots of 30 second and sat in the van for the next 3 hours waiting for the camera to do its stuff. Another consideration that I hadn't catered for was the settings on my camera which closes down after a certain amount of time of no human activity. Despite these huge lessons I spent the rest of the day navigating around Lightroom and Starstax but I'm quite happy with the outcome of my first attempt at star trails, but theres plenty of room for improvement on the time lapse video.