31/12/17 - Spurn Point

I left the family snoring away in a hotel in Hull and after an hour's drive I arrived at the car park at Spurn Point to find one other car in the car park. It turned out that this car belonged to another photographer who I found deep in concentration among the groynes on the East beach. A quick exchange of pleasantries and I was back on the trail to get the image that I had come for, namely the old light house at sunrise. However with a dull grey sky I knew that I wasn't going to get the shot that I wanted. After admitting defeat I made my way back on the beach where I came across another landscape photographer who gave me some excellent tips on how to develop my photography. He had also found an interesting composition of some groynes which I was only too glad to copy, cheers Dave.

A really enjoyable walk, but not many decent images and a good excuse to come back here. Frustratingly the following morning after a drunken New Years night I awoke to a magnificent sunrise out of the hotel window.