24/11/17 - Brimham Rocks

With a few days off I decided to head North with the ever faithful Roxy dog and made my way to Brimham Rocks to try and capture a sunset shot. I arrived at the National Trust car park about 3 pm and with about an hour before sun set I set about trying to find a decent composition.

However with so many possibilities I was spoilt for choice and was running around like a headless chicken as the sun faded. I eventually settled on a tree growing out of a rock with a bit of colour in the sky as a backdrop. Took a few shots but mostly none worth publishing and eventually I had run out of ideas and light. 

My original plan was to sleep in the van in the car park, and try and get some time lapse footage of the stars with some of the rock formations in the foreground and then a sunrise shot the following morning. However the car park is locked at night and the Rangers were looking at me funny so I reluctantly resorted to Plan B (a trip to the Lakes)