25/11/17 - Langdale

I have visited Langdale on many occasions and it is undoubtedly one of my favourite places in the Lakes. As I drove along the valley with the driving rain and snow hitting the windscreen I was reminded of previous visits, most of which had been wet and windy, but tonight's plans of a wild camp were put on the back burner as I saw the inviting lights of the Stickle Barn. Bangers and mash and a pint later I returned back into the darkness and by the time I reached the car I was soaked so I drove to Elterwater where I fell asleep in the van listening to the rain hitting the top of the van.

I woke early to the sound of the dog snoring, and forcing myself from the warmth of the sleeping bag I climbed outside to clear skies. I managed to grab a couple of photos of stars and trees illuminated by lights from the village before some clouds rolled in and spoilt the moment. After some personal admin and once I had convinced the dog to leave the comfort of van we headed down to the edge of Elterwater to try and grab a sunrise shot. As I approached the waters edge I could hear voices and found 3 other photographers already set up to capture the image of the snow covered Langdale Pikes reflecting of the water of the lake. We had a good chat about everything from photography to Rugby and as we chatted we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the sun hitting the snow covered Langdale Pikes. Luckily the wind had calmed enough for the water to smooth out and for a few minutes the Canadian geese decided to land elsewhere so as not to spoil the shot. The outcome is one of my favourite photos. 

After a while the light turned flat, I packed up and bade farewell to my fellow fanatics before heading back to the van for some breakfast.

A quick tidy up of the van and I was on my way up Lingmoor Fell, one of the 90 Wainwrights that I haven't done yet. I was going to leave this one until last so I could walk straight off the hill and into the Wainwright pub, but I was here and the hill was too close to ignore. On the way up I was hit by a snow storm but fortunately as I got to the top the sun came out and I was rewarded with some cracking views in all directions.