07/12/17 - Blue Lagoon

A bit of a lay in today, but I was allowed because sunrise wasn't until 11.00 am. An hours drive and we arrived at Valahnukamol on the South West tip about 10.45 am giving me a bit of time to find a decent shot. The plan was to get an image of some sea stacks with the sun coming up behind them, but the grey clouds had followed us South and there was nothing really to impress photography wise. We then visited Gunnuhver Geothermal pools but the smell of sulphur sent the rest of the family back to the car. We then headed off to investigate a lava cave and then eventually the Blue Lagoon which without a shadow of a doubt is one of the best experiences anyone can have. It was pitch black by the time we left but I did manage to capture a couple of sunset shots in the water with my phone.