26/01/18 - Ladybower Reservoir.

I spent a few hours last night researching possible locations for a visit today, but in the end it was the poor weather and cloud forecast that made me choose something closer to home. Ladybower Reservoir is only a 50 minute drive from my house and there are a couple of features around the reservoir that I wanted to visit.  One feature being the plug hole on the reservoir itself which for the full effect needs plenty of water, and as  there had been plenty of rain I knew it would be in full flow.

I arrived nice and early allowing me plenty of time to get to the plug hole and find a decent location ready for sunrise. I was just getting out of the van when another photographer turned up, nice to meet you Rob. We walked to the plug hole on the far side  and although the water was in full flow the sky was dull with only a hint of colour. We climbed up the banking and found a great view point which will be handy for my return visit.

Eventually we gave up and made our way back to the cars, I then made my way to Fairholmes for a bit of a walk and grabbed a few images but nothing spectacular.

It always great to catch up with fellow photographers, especially as I'm always looking for tips, and looking at some of Robs photos which are brilliant, it just reminded me that I still have a long way to go.