06/01/18 - Yorkshire Coastline

I have a little competition going with my mate Andy; we have a different theme each month, and this months theme is Harbours. After Andy thrashed me last month with his Tree shot, I was desperate to get out and try and get some decent images in the bag.

The plan was to visit Whitby and Staithes to try and get a night time shot of boats in the harbour with lights reflecting off the water. However the weather wasn't playing ball and as I was driving over the North Yorkshire Moors the rain was horrendous.

I arrived at Whitby just in time for a break in the showers, so I jumped out and managed to get a couple of shots of boats in the harbour before the rain returned. I then headed North where I noticed a church silhouetted against the night sky, and there was no way that I was driving past this one without trying to capture an image.

After my Church shot I then continued North to Staithes and eventually found my way up onto Cowbar Nab, however the wind was quite strong which rocked the tripod and any long exposure shots I tried came out blurred. I then retired back to the car to try and get some sleep in the wind blown car, ready for the harbour sunrise shot. When my alarm woke me at 7 am I looked out and knew straight away that there was not going to be any colour in the sky so I made my way back to Whitby to see if I could get an image of the Abbey. 

As I pulled into the car park at Whitby Abbey I could see other blokes running around with tripods and huge lenses,and on speaking to them there was a rare sighting of a Desert Wheatear which had been blown miles off course and should have been somewhere in Africa, although I caught a glimpse of it I couldn't get close enough with my lens.

I then continued on to Robin Hoods Bay for a short walk on the beach before heading home.

A nice little adventure, but again the weather wasn't playing ball, a beautiful part of the world and I will definitely be back hopefully with some nicer weather.