08/01/18 - A couple of Wainwrights

With a good weather window and snow on the tops I loaded the van and headed up to the Lakes. My original plan was to get an early start and head up to Birkhouse Moor and Catstycam and try and get a sunrise shot from high up with some snow in the foreground.

However as I reached Ullswater I drove past the most famous boat house in the world and suddenly my plans changed. I pulled over and had a quick rethink, I could get a series of stars for a star trail, grab the boathouse at sunrise and then grab a couple of nearby Wainwrights that I hadn't done.

So the new plan was put into action, I set the camera going next to the van and dived into my sleeping bag to get away from the bitterly cold wind. I took 78 shots at 20 seconds with a 2 second gap before I got bored and headed over to find one of the few locations to photograph the boat house from. 

I started off with 30 second exposures but passing traffic and increasing daylight cut the shutter speed right down, but in the end I was quite happy with my first attempt here. However a passing photographer stopped to have a chat, and showed me some of his photos of the boat house which made me realise that I still have a long way to go.

Once I had finished at the boat house I made my way on the ice covered roads to Martindale for a short walk up Hallin Fell and then a longer walk up Beda Fell and back down Boredale. I had originally planned to incorporate Place Fell but I was stopping for images that often I ended up running out of time.

In all a great little trip, I finally managed to photograph a honey pot location, but the real gem of the trip were the views of the Helvellyn Range.