08/03/18 - RSPB Old Moor

With dull skies for the last 2 weeks and a new zoom lens some wildlife photography was the obvious choice of the day. So being a member of RSPB I visited the excellent Old Moor wetland reserve. 

The normal 40 minute journey took over 3 hours due to some heavy snow fall and drivers that have no idea on how to drive in such conditions. When I set off I was quite smug being the owner of  4 x 4 go any where vehicle but that smugness soon disappeared when I realised that I could only go as fast as the incompetent driver in front of me.

I decided to have a look at the nearby Wombwell Ings nature reserve for the rare Yellow Browed Warbler, and with about a dozen other birders all ready in place the little leaf seeker was easy to find and was showing nicely. It just about stood still long enough for me to grab a couple of decent photos and there was also supposed to be a rare Firecrest in the same tree but there was no sign of that.

After about an hour I moved onto Old Moor where a Peregrine Falcon put on a spectacular display for us and plenty of birds on display. After a some excellent cake and Hot Chocolate in the cafe I returned home with a total of 50 bird species, but not all 50 photographed. A superb place for any wildlife photographer and highly recommended.