02/04/18 - Penny Spring Woods

A new month and a new photography challenge, with this months theme being trees.

I had fully intended to get out today with the camera but woke to a few inches of fresh snow on the ground, and whilst most people just saw bad weather I saw an opportunity for some contrasting or black and white images.

I headed out with fresh snow falling, but within five minutes the snow had turned to rain and I knew I didn't have long before the rain would wash the trees clean.

I initially found a semi decent composition but the dog ruined it by running ahead and putting fresh dirty tracks in the foreground, so I ignored that and moved on. Eventually I saw a lone tree that had potential and grabbed a few images trying different camera settings. I then saw three trees in a line further on and keeping the dog close by I managed to get a few more images.

With the mist rolling in I decided to head towards the woods and see if I could find something with some colour and managed to find a few isolated brown leaves left clinging onto the trees.

In all a very wet walk out in my local woods but more than happy with the images. A good start to the months competition, especially after last months whitewash.