27/01/18 - Blagdens

With a wet front coming in today there was a strong chance of some colour in the sky this morning and for once it didn't disappoint. I was woken by the wife with a cup of coffee and a short time later a text with a photo of the red sky as she drove to work. A short drive and walk later and I was at my chosen location at Blagdens with a vent tower for the railway below as my chosen foreground object in front of an impressive sky . I grabbed a few photos trying some different settings before the colour disappeared and then home for another caffeine fix and some Light room practise. 

18/01/18 - Bridlington

My second trip of the month to try and get a decent harbour shot for my little monthly comp with my mate Andy. A super early start and driving on the snow covered A166 I was glad to have a meaty 4 x 4 with monster tyres, but also glad I had fixed my dodgy windscreen wiper and replaced the headlights with brighter bulbs.

I eventually arrived at Bridlington harbour about 5 am with the rain bouncing down. I decided to have a coffee first and as I put on my waterproofs the rain suddenly stopped, I went out into the cold to try and find a decent composition, but I was struggling for any lead in lines. I grabbed a few shots before moving over to the harbour wall to enjoy the sunrise.

There were some great colours in the sky and I took dozens of shots with various settings and locations. I was quite happy with a couple of them and made my way back to the car for the short drive up to Flamborough Head lighthouse to try and make the most of the colour lingering in the sky.

I spent a while exploring the area and when the light had gone I made my way to the RSPB centre at Bempton Cliffs for some cake and coffee and a couple of hours of bird watching. A fantastic facility and highly recommended, today I saw a Kestrel, Great Black Backed Gull, Herring Gull, Shag, Cormorant and a Grey Seal. 

In all another great little adventure, I think I have a couple of decent images for my harbour competition, I got my wildlife fix and the drive over was like an off road experience. Perfect.

06/01/18 - Yorkshire Coastline

I have a little competition going with my mate Andy; we have a different theme each month, and this months theme is Harbours. After Andy thrashed me last month with his Tree shot, I was desperate to get out and try and get some decent images in the bag.

The plan was to visit Whitby and Staithes to try and get a night time shot of boats in the harbour with lights reflecting off the water. However the weather wasn't playing ball and as I was driving over the North Yorkshire Moors the rain was horrendous.

I arrived at Whitby just in time for a break in the showers, so I jumped out and managed to get a couple of shots of boats in the harbour before the rain returned. I then headed North where I noticed a church silhouetted against the night sky, and there was no way that I was driving past this one without trying to capture an image.

After my Church shot I then continued North to Staithes and eventually found my way up onto Cowbar Nab, however the wind was quite strong which rocked the tripod and any long exposure shots I tried came out blurred. I then retired back to the car to try and get some sleep in the wind blown car, ready for the harbour sunrise shot. When my alarm woke me at 7 am I looked out and knew straight away that there was not going to be any colour in the sky so I made my way back to Whitby to see if I could get an image of the Abbey. 

As I pulled into the car park at Whitby Abbey I could see other blokes running around with tripods and huge lenses,and on speaking to them there was a rare sighting of a Desert Wheatear which had been blown miles off course and should have been somewhere in Africa, although I caught a glimpse of it I couldn't get close enough with my lens.

I then continued on to Robin Hoods Bay for a short walk on the beach before heading home.

A nice little adventure, but again the weather wasn't playing ball, a beautiful part of the world and I will definitely be back hopefully with some nicer weather.

17/12/17 - Thurstonland Church

I had originally gone out for a sunrise shot with another foreground feature in mind, but as soon as I saw the church spire at Thurstonland I knew it would be a better feature than the one I had planned. I parked near to the Rose & Crown Pub (where I have spent many an evening) and walked on a familiar track which has some great views over Holmfirth and Honley.

There was a bit of colour in the sky as I arrived and it kindly waited for me to get set up before the whole sky lit up. A very impressive sky with a decent foreground feature, hopefully I have captured the moment.

16/12/17 - Farnley Tyas

I had fully intended on having a lay in today, so I hadn't check the weather or TPE, and I certainly hadn't set my alarm. However I was accidentally woken by the wife as she was leaving for work so I looked outside to see a promising sunrise but I didn't have much time to get out. 

I jumped in the car and 10 minutes later I was parked up on Green Side Road at Farnley Tyas with a great view towards Shepley and some great colours in the sky. 

A few images taken and I was also rewarded for getting up with a rainbow which I haven't really captured in its true glory. 

Anyway with no plan I managed to grab a few images I am reasonably happy with and really glad I got my back side out of bed.

15/12/17 - Derwent Edge

I had originally planned a trip to the Lakes with my work mate Mark, but he rightly pointed out that it was a bit of a trek and daylight was limited. As I was still on the hunt for a decent image of a mountain hare I quickly changed the venue to Derwent Edge in the Peak District, where I know that there are plenty of hares as I once took a group up there on a day out with the National Park Rangers.

We met at Holmfirth then made the 40 minute drive over the Strines and parked at Cutthroat Bridge, from here we followed the obvious path up to Whinstone Lee Tor just in time for sunrise. We then followed the obvious path up to Wheels Stones where we kept dropping down into the valley to capture some images of Mountain Hares. 

From the trig point at Back Tor we dropped down to Dovestone Clough, then down to the reservoir. We followed the track towards the A57 then found the footpath back to Cutthroat Bridge.

A brilliant day day out with some glorious sunshine, plenty of hares about, waist deep snow in places and plenty of photo opportunities. 

09/12/17 - Keflavik

Our last day in Iceland, so an early walk to get the last sunrise of the trip and to try and make the most of the pink and purple colours in the sky. After the walk and hotel book out we made another drive into Reykjavik to grab a few photos before driving towards Keflavik where we had a couple of hours to kill. In all a fantastic trip, didn't see the Northern lights but that's just another excuse to come back. 

25/10/17 - Ingbirchworth Reservoir

Another early start to try and capture some wildlife silhouetted against a coloured sky. Originally I wanted some birds on the water but as I tried to get close to them they flew off  to another part of the reservoir. I have also seen a large grey heron down here and that was the image that I had in my head silhouetted against some sunrise colour reflecting on the water, but there was no sign of him either. There were however plenty of Canada geese flying around so I opted for plan B, birds in flight and a nearby clump of trees lit up like they were in fire. 

24/09/17 - Northumbria Castles

A trip North with my walking mate Andy Beavers who is also into his photography. The plan was to capture Dunstanburgh Castle at sunset, then head North, sleep in the van and capture a Bamburgh Castle sunrise the next morning. We would then continue up to Holy Island and try and capture images of the refuge between the mainland and the island. We had checked TPE for sunset times along with tide times which were in our favour.

We arrived at Dunstanburgh with plenty of time to spare but the skies were flat and my images were below average. What I did notice was that Andy's Canon seemed to pull more colour out of the scene than my Nikon. 

We then headed North grabbing some food at Seahouses before continuing on to Bamburgh Castle. By the time we arrived at Bamburgh the sea mist had crept in and the sky above the castle was lit up in different colours which we tried to capture with our cameras.

A night in the van and we woke to dull grey skies, we tried to grab a few images but they were pretty dull, we got back to the van when the heavens opened so we abandoned our journey to Holy Island but we will be back. 

20/09/17 - Ingbirchworth "WOW"

An early start and short drive to Ingbirchworth reservoir for a sunrise shot, conditions looked good for a decent sunrise and I wasn't to be disappointed. Once in position I waited for the sky to start changing colour, it changed to a nice purple and then to a fiery orange. My jaw dropped and it was a proper "Wow" moment, the images here are not altered in any way and the colours are totally natural and as they were. Some of my favourites are attached, the only problem is trying to better them will be difficult for me.

02/09/17 - Broken Camera

A trip to Ingbirchworth to try to capture a sunrise reflected on some still water, then get some wildlife shots and hopefully some reflections if the water was still enough. I arrived to find the water was totally still and managed to get some decent long exposure shots before the light was too bright. I then set about capturing some Canada geese coming into land at 10 shots per second when I noticed some of the images had a black corner. On examination of the camera a small piece of plastic had come away inside and was covering the sensor, not a happy bunny for such an expensive piece of kit but I eventually got a replacement back from the supplier.